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Kayabacho / Hacchobori Restaurants

Tempura OnoTempura Ono
3 reviews
Tempura | Kayabacho / Hacchobori, Tokyo 23 Ward

Tempura Ono is one of the most distinguished tempura restaurants in Tokyo. Not only has it played a key role in tempura history, but Tempura Ono is renowned for its exquisite service and high quality dishes. Tempura Ono has been featured in major gourmet magazines. Regularly visited by VIP customers, Tempura Ono is highly regarded in the Japanese community for its excellence and expertise.

The interior is designed in a traditional Japanese style, creating a warm and friendly atmosphere. Seating is limited to 13 counter seats, allowing plenty of opportunities to observe and absorb Japanese tempura culture close up. Chef Shimura (Area Producer of Cool Japan, the Government of Japan) enjoys sharing his tempura stories and beliefs while recommending Japanese drinks, all in English. Given the hospitality and cuisine on offer, Tempura Ono guarantees a dining experience that is not to be missed.

Course menu, 12,000 yen. (18,000 yen course is needed to request directly to restaurant.)More

Wagyu Yakiniku Kim KayabachoWagyu Yakiniku Kim Kayabacho
1 review
Yakiniku | Kayabacho / Hacchobori, Tokyo 23 Ward

We recommend ""Just right assortment"" and ""Damn good assortment” of high-quality red meat carefully selected by store owner. You can enjoy a various, extremely rare parts of Japanese Kuroge beef arranged and cooked carefully, that we purchased from our own route. We are located at the top floor of the tower building, and we also have four complete private rooms. Our restaurant could be the best venue for many purposes such as your casual occasion, business dinner, and anniversaries et. Please feel free to come to our restaurant. More

Osteria UnettoOsteria Unetto
40 reviews
Italian | Kayabacho / Hacchobori, Tokyo 23 Ward

Osteria Unetto, in Tokyo, puts a modern spin on classic Italian cuisine, serving refined and tasty meals in its welcoming and warm restaurant. For the ideal start to your meal, enjoy the skinless steamed tomato with a dab of olive oil and rosemary and the Italian-breaded pork cutlet, ideal for sharing. Some of Osteria Unetto�s specialty entr_e dishes include the angus beef T-bone steak, the juicy roast beef with roasted potatoes and the porcini and chicken giblets linguine pasta, all of which are stunningly presented.

Enjoy your meal at Osteria Unetto with one of its imported Italian wines.


Kayabacho MikawaKayabacho Mikawa
11 reviews
Tempura | Kayabacho / Hacchobori, Tokyo 23 Ward

A long-established tempura (foods deep fried in light batter) restaurant in Kayabacho, central Tokyo. The ingredients on offer reflect the seasons – whitebait in spring, ayu (sweetfish) in summer, matsutake mushrooms in autumn and soft roe in winter. Excess water is extracted from the ingredients before they are fried, and this helps to maintain their essential flavours. Two raised floor Japanese style seating areas are available in addition to counter seating.More